The embattled supreme court nominee has been accused so far by at least 3 women of possible sexual improprieties.
It has captured the attention of millions of Americans and has erupted the already brewing #MeToo movement, which has exposed a number of powerful men abusing their power. Various other celebrities have been implicated in past abuse that was often committed in systematic fashion with classic forensic pathological pattern.

But its not just celebrities estimates have that 1 in 5 women will be raped sometime in their life. What’s even more astounding is childhood abuse, as it is estimated 12.3 % of women have been raped by the age of just 10 y/o. The long term impacts are damning as 81% of women who have been sexually abused have reported to go on to develop PTSD. What’s more shocking is that only a small percentage of sexual abuse is ever reported by the female victim, estimated around 31%.

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