Amoreena Berkley, LSW

 Are you fearful, cynicall or distrusting of therapy.? Please allow me to tell you what you won’t and will encounter, if you decide to embark on a counseling journey with me. I will not ask you to spend countless hours recounting painful or even traumatic past experiences which cause you anxiety or paralyzing suffering. I won’t sit above you and judgingly notate your feelings on paper, offering little more than nods and platitudes in exchange for your vulnerability. What I do propose, is the opportunity to combine forces. You are the expert on you. I bring evidence-backed theoretical approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which seek to transform your thoughts and reframe your situations, so that you become equipped with applicable skills to arrest panic, shame, loneliness, negative self-image, grief and depression.  

      We’ll talk, that’s true, but we will also likely laugh, maybe cry and definitely work hard together.  Therapy is relational but it is goal oriented too. It is my hope for you that counseling will be a safe place in which you: develop coping mechanisms; create unshakable inner peace, cultivate compassion and forgiveness and find freedom from abusive and/or addictive patterns. 
       In my background, I am a graduate with Masters Degrees in Social Work and Theology. I have stood on the same food lines as those I have ministered to, fighting for housing, provisions and mental health care for the poor or homeless. I have also worked alongside of the top physicians of Penn Medicine Princeton, administering care to the bereaved, lost or chronically ill. Additionally, I have spent several years in direct one on one treatment, as a clinician in person and via tele-health to individuals wanting relief from anxiety disorders, depression, BiPolar, Schizophrenia, PTSD, trauma, addiction and other conditions.  My preferred clientele is any age, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class/status, religion or culture. 
           Now that you know about me, I look forward to getting to know you! Best wishes in your pursuit of well-being and happiness!

We are mental health providers which specialize in a variety of conditions including Generalized Anxiety disorder, Major Depression, OCD, PTSD, Bipolar, Mood disorders, Autism, Personality disorders, Anger management, Addiction.

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