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There are many benefits to group therapy that an individual session can’t provide. Group sessions provide support, motivation, promote social skills, they tend to be more feasible and they can offer different perspectives on issues similar to the client’s. Hearing from others with similar issues helps you see that you’re not alone in having these challenges. Also hearing from other people about how you come across can be very powerful in the decision making process and healing process. Group sessions also are a way to let see positive momentum in action. For example, hearing how other members successfully overcame their fears or they confronted a family member over in a healing manner can be very encouraging.

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Will I have to tell my deepest and darkest secrets to the group?
No one in the group is forced to disclose anything that they are not comfortable with, and in fact, some thoughts, feeling or emotions are so personal that keeping them to oneself may be more beneficial than disclosing them to a group. Group members learn to identify their personal boundaries and respectfully communicate those boundaries to one another. They disclose personal information, over time and in a way that feels comfortable.
What if I don't feel like talking in the group?
Some people fear that they won’t have anything to say or won’t know how to respond to others in a group. Many people feel anxious about being in and sharing with a group. These are valid concerns, and we try hard in the group to encourage members to share at their own pace and in a way that feels comfortable for them. Participation includes more than talking; we observe, reflect, and listen as well. Most people report that they start to feel more comfortable sharing in the group within the first session or two, feeling trusted and safe.
What type of therapy is best?
Individual and group counseling have different benefits and help people in different ways, and research studies have shown that group participants are equally if not more satisfied than people who participate in individual therapy. While neither form is inherently better than the other, there are some struggles that are better suited for a group interaction, such as developing communication skills, getting interpersonal feedback, obtaining social support, and understanding relationship patterns.
Isn't it overwhelming to hear about everyone else's problems?
Coming into a group setting can understandably feel overwhelming, when one’s own life circumstances may seem unmanageable. Many group participants, however, have described hearing about the experiences of other members as extremely helpful. Focusing on the life experiences of others helps them to feel less alone in their own struggles, as well as helps them to understand their own difficulties from a different perspective. Many find a sense of relief in knowing that others struggle with similar issues or emotions.
What type of group therapy does your office offer?

We offer a variety of group therapies including mindfulness, DBT, and Bereavement. For a full list of Group names and timings please contact us.

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