Melissa Audige-Perkins, LCSW-R

Mrs. Melissa Audige-Perkins, LCSW-R joins our team with 20 years of rich, vibrant experience as an accomplished and highly acclaimed mental health professional. 

Melissa graduated from Boston University in 2002. Since then, she’s worked exclusively in NewYork and New Jersey, providing services to socially, economically and racially diverse communities. Melissa has held leadership positions at area hospitals, ensuring the safe and medically appropriate care and discharge of vulnerable patients. She has a well established and justly earned reputation of being a tireless client advocate and a knowledgeable contributor to multidisciplinary clinical teams. 

Most recently, Melissa demonstrated self-less dedication as an essential healthcare provider, working collaboratively with nurses, doctors and other medication professionals on the frontlines of the Covid-19 crisis. Presently, Melissa expresses humility and gratitude for being able to answer the call to service at such a critical time.

As a psychotherapist, Melissa describes herself as client-focused and culturally informed. She views herself as a trusted guide, working with her clients as they navigate the complexities and often harsh realities of their life’s journey. Melissa is a patient and active listener, and upholds the dignity and worth of each of her clients.

Therapy is a deeply personal transformative process, which everyone can benefit from at some point in their lives. With Melissa as your psychotherapist, you will experience an empowered an inspired revitalization to your life and interpersonal relationships.

We are mental health providers which specialize in a variety of conditions including Generalized Anxiety disorder, Major Depression, OCD, PTSD, Bipolar, Mood disorders, Autism, Personality disorders, Anger management, Addiction.

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