Noelle Derhay, LCSW

My name is Noelle Derhay and I am a Licensed Associate Counselor with a genuine belief that people can be the creators of their own success stories. Hope happens when provided the vital tools to cultivate courage and strength from within. I prefer to utilize a holistic Wellness based approach in order to promote optimism and confidence-building through goal orientation from the very start.

In addition to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Reality Therapy/Choice Theory, Mindfulness Based Practices and the Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) model, I utilize Narrative Therapy to assist clients in uncovering potentially unhelpful narratives (the stories we create and replay in our minds and the roles that come with these plot lines) that interfere in progress. Our unified goal then becomes to develop empowerment through pathways of awareness and detachment from toxic attachments styles that are impeding upon improvement and attainment in life.

We are mental health providers which specialize in a variety of conditions including Generalized Anxiety disorder, Major Depression, OCD, PTSD, Bipolar, Mood disorders, Autism, Personality disorders, Anger management, Addiction.

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