Depression can be a killer. Recently, two celebrities Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade passed from committing suicide in consecutive days.

Hearing about such names dying in the manner that they did sometimes is difficult to comprehend. Its human nature to expect people with either money or fame to be immune to the kinds of ill’s that bestow the rest of us. But in reality, no one is immune to mental health issues.

So for the majority it came as a complete surprise, but the inner circle of friends and family, likely knew both celebrities struggles w/depression, hearing of the suicide was not likely shocking to them. What is likely frustrating for those friends and family was wishing they had done more. Living in a world where depression is considered a stigma its not as easy to ask for help.

But it raises the more serious question as to why wasn’t more done. In America 45,000 American lives are lost via suicide yearly, it is the 10th leading cause of death and is estimated cost to the US health industry over 69 billion dollars annually.

What may be even more shocking is that there is only 1 completion for every 25 suicide attempts. Meaning that there are 1,125,000 reported suicide attempts every year. And those numbers having been climbing steadily over the last decade.

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We offer various modalities in mental health treatment including medication management, individual and group therapies as well as holistic types of therapies. We also offer telepsychiatry services to help bridge the gap between those in need who don’t have access to care.

So if you know of someone who may benefit from our services don’t let them be a unwanted statistic, contact us now.