Pregnant women need to take maximum care of their health, more so in the current situation. Everyone knows that the novel coronavirus spreads through the respiratory droplets released into the air when a person with the infection sneezes or coughs. It can also spread when someone touches the surface contaminated by the person who has Covid19. The top-notch researchers are working fast to learn about the new virus as well as how it can impact the lives of pregnant women.

The current evaluations of the novel coronavirus depend on a survey published online conducted on nine pregnant women who suffered from pneumonia caused by Covid19. None developed any serious illness, and all the babies were born without any hassle. The chances of passing the infection to the fetus seem excessively low. There is, fortunately, outright no evidence of malformations.

What to Do If You Fall Sick?

If you fall sick with symptoms of fever, cough, and breathing difficulty, it is necessary to stay home and contact the local healthcare practitioner for further advice. If you are diagnosed with Covid19, please call the antenatal provider or midwife, and inform them about your discomfort. Request instructions on how to proceed with the appointments as well as delivery plans during the course of the sickness.

Several hospitals all across the globe are making sure to test pregnant women with suspicious symptoms. They make sure to isolate the pregnancy wards and an escalation of care for women with respiratory disorders.

Prevention Measures

Steps are being undertaken to keep crowding at bay. Pregnant women must not go out to do errands. In case they have to venture out, they must put on a mask that covers their mouth and nose properly. Also, they must not touch the mask other than the straps when removing it. Ensure social distancing under all circumstances. It is essential to maintain at least one meter between two individuals.

If you tend to repeatedly touch your nose, mouth, ears, and eyes, please change this habit right away. It is more significant for pregnant women because any sort of contamination will affect them as well as their unborn baby. Sanitize the hands thoroughly with alcohol gel prior to touching.

Pregnant women must try to keep their bodies and mind energetic. The best way to so is by sleeping at least eight to nine hours at night. It has been proved by several doctors that enough sleep can enhance the immune system to a great extent. If your immunity is fine, you can avoid most of the health problems. The moments of rest are also necessary for the baby growing inside the womb. So please do not stay awake at night!

Pregnant women must strictly adhere to a balanced diet. The right kinds of food enable your body to fight diseases and keep your baby safe. If you are sure what to eat and drink, please ask your nutritionist to develop a chart in accordance with your condition.

Bottom Line

Daily check-ups during pregnancy are immensely crucial for your and your baby’s health. This has become all the more necessary given the present pandemic situation. To minimize potential dangers, please stay in touch with your doctor!